Experimental Documentary Shortfilm, 2012
Spoken Language: Spanish & German with English Subtitles.

Produced by La Reverie Films, Madrid
Producer: Marta Palacios Anaut
Directed by: Tais Bielsa Rey

Vostell Happening offers an approach to the creative universe of Wolf Vostell: a founding member of the Fluxus Movement in Europe, pioneer of the happening, installation and video art, Vostell is recognized as one of the most important artists of the second half of the 20th century. His work and philosophy claiming creativity as part of everyday life under the maxim "art = life, life = art". In 1974, Vostell met Malpartida de Caceres, (Extremadura), where he declared "A masterpiece of nature" the natural park of Los Barruecos. There he conceived the idea of creating an Art Museum unique in the world, a place where art, life and nature converge.

WATCH FILM (19:30 Min.)

Workshop in the village Plemetina/Kosovo, 2011

Organised by Balkan Sunflowers/GAIA Kosovo, Pristina
My role: Workshop tutor for a film workshop with young Roma

In August 2011, young people from Plemetina, together with youth and artists from Kosovo, France and Germany, gathered in Plemetina, to share common concerns about youth and аll other inhabitants. Young people from Plemetina have faced the violation of their human rights since they were born; youth from other European countries have came with different experience in order to share knowledge, skills and support their struggle for their rights.

The result of the film workshop were 3 films (see below):

KOSOVO B (12 Min.)


TOXIC FUN (7 Min.)

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